TEHRAN, 1984 

The following notes are selected from a relatively large text of this manifest, published in the first days after the foundation of the Institute: 
FAZA, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL INSTITUTE Follows activities, which should help better understand the actual and/or future Iranian activities , with the scope of evaluation of local-national and/or international scientific and cultural activities, not only in the Iranian local Universities and/or any other national, local, free scientific Institutions, but also will collaborate with International initiatives.
The following points will indicate those main goals , in which FAZA is active and present. 
1- Scientific-programs, researches , in collaboration with other Institutes or similar centers or organizations, which, in their activities are following same or similar initiatives.
2- Collaboration with the named national or international institutes, interested in the activities of FAZA. 
3- Taking active part in the cultural and scientific researches in the field of architecture, urbanization and other fields of study,which are followed by any other national or international Institutes, following similar initiatives. 
4- Publication of books or articles regarding Iran or other countries and embracing the wide range of the country, architecture and urbanization ,history and evolution of the country.
5- Taking active part in cultural and scientific activities in Iran and/or other countries in view of active collaboration, organizing seminars and lectures for students and graduated scientists and professors of universities. 

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