"Scientific Association of New Architectural Space for Iran", affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, is mainly committed to promote and acquire those sciences which are closely related to and intertwined with the space of architecture. During our first year, more than 250 graduates have registered and getting encouraged to do researches about the constructed space through all over the country.


This Association pursues research-based and academic-scientific activities. Furthermore it sets its sight on elevating the status of architecture and urbanization through addressing to some fields of human and applied sciences. The Association is assiduously trying to achieve its goals via holding specialized academic courses.

Subject of Activity:

1-Conducting scientific and cultural researches in both national and international levels with the boost of researchers and experts who are involved in new architectural space and correlative majors from the scientific point of view.

2-Cooperation with executive, scientific and research oriented organizations for evaluating, reviewing and realizing education and research related proposals and programs with the scientific theme which are the subject of the association’s activity.

3-Encouraging and fostering researchers and ennobling distinguished scholars and professors while benefiting from their scientific and research oriented collaboration.

4-Offering scientific and technical educational and research oriented services to the society.

5-Holding scientific conferences on national, regional and international levels.

6-Publishing specialized journals, books and scientific papers.


Conducting interdisciplinary researches and broadcasting observed results with patronage of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is one of Association’s main activity. The mentioned activity includes holding worthwhile conferences, formulating science-oriented books and publishing "charters" which consider the matter of constructed space.

Pillars of Association:

Faculty Members:

1-Dr. Pirouz Hanachi

2-Dr. Shahin Heidari

3-Dr. Manouchehr Tabibian

4-Dr. Reza Atarnejad

5-Dr. Mohammad Mansour Falamaki

6-Dr. Aʼbas Masoudi

7-Dr. Simin Hanachi

8-Dr. Kazem Meʼmarzia

9-Dr. Mohammad Reza Nasirsalami

10-Dr. Vida Norouz Borazjani

Management Board:

1-Dr. Mohammad Mansour Falamaki

2- Dr. Manouchehr Tabibian

3- Dr. Mohammad Reza Nasirsalami

4- Dr. Kazem Memar Zia

5-Dr. Mohammad Hasan Talebian

6- Dr. Shahin Heidari

7- Dr. Simin Hanachi

8-Dr. Reza Atarnejad

9-Eng. Arch. Faramarz Parsi


1-Ms. Seyede Fatemeh Moiusavi Aliani

2- Pejman Dadkhah