FAZA - Artistic and Cultural Institute

“FAZA - Cultural and Scientific Institute” is established with the motives of promoting the level of knowledge and general insight, transcending Iranian culture and art, propagating and advancing Iranian and Islamic authentic art, based on the cultural aims stated in the constitutional law of Islamic Republic of Iran, compliance with keeping the issued civil rules and standards governing the foundation of cultural centers and institutes and according to expected features and conditions in this constitution. This Institute has established regarding its cultural goals with noncommercial, apolitical and non-guild purposes and is nonprofit. (irreversible)

Address of the Institute: No.38 - Abdolkarim Sgariati St.- 7tir Square – Tehran.



1-Collecting, compiling and editing essays, translating (informal) texts and books to foreign languages and vice versa.

2-Typesetting, editing and correcting, adjusting, designing and paginating books and papers.

3-Conducting meetings about introducing, considering and reviewing books, papers and also participating in holding congresses, seminars and collaborating in performing fairs and cultural and artistic festivals.

4-Conducting surveys and studies about themes which are related to the purposes and activities of the Institute and also undertaking research oriented proposals – collecting and editing documentary series about historical, social and cultural issues in Iran and other countries and producing, presenting and exchanging cultural artistic licensed products such as authorized press, audio and visual cassettes, CDs, video films and computer products especially in the field of Islamic sciences and Persian literature.


Subject of Activities:


1-Organizing and conducting cultural-didactic and artistic courses in the realms related and intertwined with activities mentioned in the previous clauses.

2-Involving in publishing activities in order to press books. (totally authorized)

3-Supplying and dispensing books at home and abroad.

4-Founding and equipping publishing centers.

5-Holding book fairs ( general and thematic)

6-Producing various movies, whether documentary, educational, industrial or historical; developing dramatic literature in Iran and all over the world regarding the purposes of the Institute and according to related rules; foundation of producing and broadcasting center of audio works; and detaching artistic groups or inviting them for performing ceremonies.

7-Publishing papers – professional, occasional and internal.


Main Pillars of the Institute:

The main pillars and organization of the Institute are:

a-Establishers (general council)

b-Management committee

c-Managing director



Founding Committee:

1-Dr. Amir Hossein Aghakhani

2-Mr. Mohammad Reza Aslani

3-Dr. Mohammad Mansour Falamaki