Value - texture - space - point - light

1st Annual topicbased Lectures / Winter 2014

From the first days of "Scientific Association of New Architectural Space for Iran", after its official formation in 2012, the faculty of "FAZA" considered holding several lectures as a good service to the scientific community of Iran and these lectures became the first step in reaching theories which can be the basis for Faza’s Approach.

At that meeting, Dr. Mohammad Mansour Flamaki, Mr. Mohammadreza Aslani, Dr. Hamidreza Ardalan, Eng. Faramarz Parsi and Eng. Kourosh matin, all called for the selection of categories that have a central value in the process and continuity of their efforts.

Thus the "point" found its place and the "light" beamed on it to enable the reading of the orderly transformations of the "point" and to obtain a correct recognition of what is visible in the "point" with the help of "light" and finds civilized human functions. The term of "value" also emerged as an entity that is born and grows in urban and rural human society. And in this extent, "space" was proposed to present  the contractual and concrete aspects of human agreement with regard to the quantitative and qualitative identities of place. and relying on art products as the richest and most subtle of human achievements, define the essence of organized human beings. And finally by the extensive and instrumental definition of "texture" - and introducing its examples in music - give a concrete face to the scientific-theoretical attitudes and researches in other terms.