culture and civilization of Iran in previous and later millennia

2nd Annual topicbased lectures / winter 2015

In these sixteen meetings, the great Iranian iranolog whose knowledge was hosted by the “Faza” Institute, With an interdisciplinary approach presented some valuable guidelines and new topics of the historical land of Iran. Dr. Abdolmajid Arfai, Dr. MohammadMansour Flamaki, Dr. Jaleh Amoozgar, Dr. Ehsan Ishraqi, Dr. Katayoun Mazdapour, Dr. Sadegh Malekshahmirzadi, Dr. Abbas Alizadeh, Dr. MohammadTaghi Rahnamaei, Dr. Nasser Fakuhi, Dr. Hossein Badamchi and Dr. Azadeh Ehsani.  Their specialized studies shed different light on the corners of Iranian culture.